Unleashing the Potential of Dover’s Gateway

The Master Plan for Dover Town Centre is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to define how the borough will remake its town centre and provide a new image for itself and a higher quality of life for all of its residents.
I believe cities are places where the strongest forces of change are at work and where there is the greatest need to address issues of liveability, function and growth.

In bringing forward such an ambitious strategy for positive change in the Dover Town Centre, we understand the following series of critical, inter-related issues and opportunities must be considered, resolved and realised:

Creating a Sense of Place and the Improving the Environment

  • Create an attractive, vibrant and interesting Town Centre for all
  • Transform its image and identity to reflect the affluence of the borough
  • Establish a safe and lively centre  
  • Encourage a thriving evening atmosphere 
  • Improve the image and environmental quality of the area 
  • Establish a high-quality pedestrian environment and public realm
  • Exploit the full potential of the historic and landscape assets   
  • Creating new city gateway districts 
  • Improving linkages between the neighbourhoods, the City Centre
  • Enhancing the historic City Centre presence and the River Usk
  • Establishing a high-quality pedestrian environment and public realm
  • Engaging the City Centre with the Sea frontage. 


Improving Accessibility

  • Develop improved links to and within the Town Centre
  • Enable people to move more easily around the centre
  • Maximise the catchments of the Town Centre within the Borough
  • Investigate strategic transport options and innovative movement strategies
  • Embrace new technologies to increase public transport rider ship
  • Improve linkages to public transport and enhancing support facilities 
  • Manage traffic circulation and parking without negatively impacting


Promoting and Fostering Commercial Delivery

  • Promote key developments, initiatives and improvements at gateway  
  • points to the Town Centre
  • Increase the range of shops, leisure and entertainment facilities
  • Strengthen the private sector housing market in the core
  • Provide more opportunities for hospitality amenities in the Town Centre
  • Improve the performance of the office market
  • Set out new roles and functions for the town centre core area
  • Determine realistic market demand and capacity to grow 
  • Exploit new and niche markets 
  • Identify potential delivery mechanisms

    Community Engagement
  • Identify and resolve the varying needs of the community
  • Involve all key stakeholders in scripting the plan
  • Build consensus among all interests 
  • Promote on-going investment 
  • Establish a proactive setting where ‘things get done’


The phasing of the regeneration of Dover has to start with the town centre. To study and analyse the potential opportunities that are feasible as described above. Creating a landmark building in the town centre will bring the focus back to the town centre and will give people a reason to visit. Together with improved accessibility to the sea site and connecting the Town centre with the sea. The town centre can than be reconnected with Dover’s historic and landscape assets.
The infrastructure has to be improved, to create the opportunity for the Town centre to allow the regeneration to take place. By rerouting the primary traffic flows around the town, the pressure that is created by the current traffic will be released and will create room for new development. 

After the town centre has been successfully regenerated, the impact of this will spill over to the neighbourhoods and expansion spaces will be required to allow Dover to grow.



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Plan view Model A
Plan view Model B
Birdseye view Model A
Birdseye view Model B
Aerial view of Site in NW direction
Aerial view of Site with Model A imposed
Aerial view of Site with Model B imposed
Aerial view of Site in West direction
Aerial view of Site with Model A imposed
Aerial view of Site with Model B imposed
Existing Infrastructure
Proposed infrastructure
Existing Railway Network
Existing Urban Area
Proposed Urban Development
Proposed Reconnection with History & Landscape
Proposal on 3 dimensional contour model
Approache from A20 motorway, entering Dover
View from the South East
View from the North West






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