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We believe that the most important part of a successful project is good communication. To be able to achieve this we are in the process of developing a portal based communication system for all running projects.

Every team members is able to access all data directly through the portal which will provide up-to-date feedback of the current progress made from anywhere in the world.

To be able to work in this way we select the most applicable computer systems which allows us to respond to the fast changing environment in which we operate and to be able to maintain the high level of production quality which we have set out for our projects.

Our Server network is running on the latest Microsoft server program, combined with Microsoft SQL server for data handling. We are able to provide any required file formatted to communicate our design in.

The design environment in which the studio is working is based on 3D-Max, Adobe suites, Bentley Microstation, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office and the Operation system for all workstations is Microsoft Vista. This provides us with a solid platform to develop our 2D and 3D designs and the ability to communicate our ideas with all other project members


Communication of Atelier AVO, a London based International Architectural Design Studio