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The practice is driven by a consistent philosophical approach influenced by project specific conditions coming from the environment, the surrounding fabric and the individuals working as a team. The aim of this approach is to create specifically detailed buildings that are involving to context and function.
We acknowledge that each of our buildings has a civic responsibility above and beyond its specific function. Each building engages the tradition of its location. The design of each structure draws on its context; it becomes part of the fabric of the city which we pass on to our successors. We realize that we are contributing to an environment that constantly changes.
Atelier AVO is aware that we have a responsibility not only to those who use our buildings, but also to the fabric it fits into, the environment at large. In today’s environment the future of architecture is placed central to the environmental debate.
The consumption of energy use is much higher than before which leads to a different approach on how we handle the overall energy consumption not only through our buildings but also in relation to our surroundings in a much more sustainable way. 

To help us to achieve our goals we seek out appropriate technology for our designs to respond to a stringent development brief, while contributing to wider sustainability.
We are to push the boundaries of the way buildings are designed and built, the way they perform, and the way they can be adapted to future use. Our design approach is to engage towards applicable construction techniques, suitable for its purpose and innovative building components in order to make our buildings more useful and efficient.
We are passionate about the way our buildings are made. We carefully select materials to bring our buildings to life and to bring richness to its surroundings. The resolution of details must be derived from the specific character of the material and must underpin the broader conception of the building. Each selected material is aimed to have a minimal environmental impact with a high durability.

At Atelier AVO, we believe that high quality design results from the continuity of the design process and intensive dialogue. Dialogue with the client, consultants, contractors and end users. We work closely together to ensure the best results are achieved through a synthesis of concept, beauty and functional integration.
The latest technologies are used to help us and our clients visualize and evaluate the design at all the stages of the work process. Our aim is to work closely together with a variety of skilled professionals whose knowledge allows us to optimize value and quality.
The work of Atelier AVO is based upon a solid foundation of design excellence, budget and program control, proficient project management and the achievement of best value and architectural quality.

Philosophy of Atelier AVO, a London based International Architectural Design Studio