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The largest assets Atelier AVO has are the people working together. The studio is set up with an environment where people can work closely together, learn from each other and to be able to take ownership and leadership in areas were staff members excel.

Atelier AVO’s staff is built up from a multicultural background. This gives us the strength to broaden our vision. We employ talented people, which we nurture and foster by creating opportunities within our team structure. We have an equal opportunity policy towards our staff members

The team structure for each project is formed out of three main disciplines, Design, Management and Technical.
The Design group develops the design through from concept until handover in order to maintain a high level of design consistency and quality.

The Management group will overlook the work process by maintaining correct manpower for every stage of the project, overlooking the deliverables and making sure that they are met on time.

The Technical group is focused on the constantly changing legislations with in our industry, to ensure that all technical requirements are met and to ensure a consistency in high quality and build able deliverables that cohere with today’s environment.

Culture of Atelier AVO, a London based International Architectural Design Studio