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At Atelier AVO, we are very pleased to be in a position to launch our website onto the World Wide Web. A great deal of effort has been placed in order to make the presentation of the projects as accessible and informative as possible.

It became clear from the beginning that a website with only pretty images would not do. We wanted not only to show images but also to provide the option for engaging more into the design thought process involved behind each projects. To provide these options the website has been designed with various levels of information which can be accessed directly.  This layering of information makes the website more transparent and therefore more accessible.

The design process shown is the process that took place within the project team, but with highlights that reflect the core thought process of Atelier AVO. Not all projects will show the same red line, depending on the type of project, its size and the location. The extent of participation in each project varies as well. Therefore, the website is presented as a portfolio of work experience. The intent of the website from here on, is to be a coherent evolving site where updates on progress and information about projects will be made available on a regular base.  
Atelier AVO would like to express special thanks to Lee Polisano of Kohn Penderson Fox; Graham Wiseman and Daniel Ringelstein of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill for their continuous support and guidance. We would also like to thank all clients shown in this website, who made it possible to bring the work experience together.

To navigate through the site.

Each project opens with a slideshow of images accompanied by related factual description. Each image within the slideshow can be viewed separately by selecting the image located on the bar underneath the slideshow. Viewing these images in full size, can be achieved by selecting the relevant image icons which will subsequently enable visitors to view the relevant image.
In order to obtain more information about the design process, select design on the bar underneath the slideshow, which will activate the design icons, placed chronologically from left to right.  Under many of these icons, an animation will be shown to enhance the thinking behind the design process more clearly and in a more dynamic form of graphical explanation.